Brazilian Cherry Engineered Hardwood
"We had this hardwood flooring installed in our den according to Manfacturer's instructions. Floor looks great. It Is Finished used a premium underlayment and the floor feels very comfortable w/ bare feet. Have had no movement or creaking but as mentioned we prepped and met the recommendations for tolerances in grade etc. Does brand wear well? I took a knife to a sample I requested and it did not scratch unless I jabbed straight on, which is to be expected. Has held up very well so far. Very easy to clean but in all honesty we don't have a ton of traffic on this floor. I would buy this floor again."


— J.A.


Locking Oak Hardwood
"I'd always wanted a wood floor in our sitting room to add more of an old world charm than the ugly green carpet we'd had for years since moving in, but between the materials and installation, it seemed too expensive. Contacting It Is Finished was one of the best decisions I made. I have friends who paid thousands more to have hard wood installed, and my floor ended up being less expensive, but still looks BETTER than theirs. Working with the guys at It Is Finished was downright fun. It took maybe 3 hours to do a 500 sq/ft room, and then it was done, and I never had to think about it again. The great part is, I still have left over wood, so should anything happen and the floor is damaged, I can just snap new boards in and it's like it never happened. The stuff is durable too, and after 2 years shows no real wear. Anyone who wants hard wood floors, call It Is Finished, you won't regret it."

— L.K.

American Walnut
"I love my floors!" I have had my wood flooring for three years now. I love the look and feel of natural wood floors. The only small drawback is that the floors can be kind of hard to clean as dirt falls between the cracks but it is worth if to have wood flooring. If properly installed this type of flooring will last a lifetime. The initial cost can be higher but since you will not have to replace them the cost is offset. I chose to go with American Walnut but many different options are available. It Is Finished did have had to repair one piece that came up, however the repair was handled quickly and correctly. Once I reported the issue to customer service someone was sent out immediately to correct the problem. I would definitely recommend It Is Finished to anyone who is considering getting a new floor. I love mine!

— J.Y.



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