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The Best Ways To Maintain And Clean Laminate Flooring

Blog> The best ways to maintain and clean Laminate flooring

September 18, 2022

The flooring is the main issue when anybody building a dream house because the overall look of the room can be set by the flooring. The wooden flooring is always considered as the best and stylish among other types. The laminate flooring also made of wooden material and its components that make it long last lasting. The sawdust is also including in the flooring material and gives it the strength to stay for a long time. If you think about the traditional hardwood flooring that might cost a lot as compared to laminate flooring. The laminate flooring looks like the wooden flooring but it cost very less as compared to hardwood flooring.

Moreover, the laminate flooring is easy to install and it can be done in low budget. The upper layer of the laminate flooring has a protective coating that keeps it safe from water absorbance or other harmful materials that might harm its quality of life. Today, we are going to discuss the tips and different ways of cleaning and maintenance of laminate flooring. Let’s get started.

Tips for cleaning and maintaining laminate flooring:

Here are the tips that are very easy and you can easily follow them. First of all the tips of cleaning laminate flooring are as follow:

  • Cleaning:

Sweep the floor daily:

It is essential to sweep the floor with dust mop so the floor will be clean from dust and dirt. The surface of the laminate flooring is scratch-resistance but the regular use and excessive quantity of dust, hairs and other harmful particles can damage the surface and even diminish its life.

  1. Another way is to clean with a vacuum cleaner because the machine itself cleans the tiny particles and clean the floor.
  2. Do not use the regular brush for flooring because these types of brushes are made with plastic hairs so, when you rub the floor with them, the floor will get scratches and marks.
  3. Sweep the flooring according to its installation way and never sweep from the opposite sides.
  4. If you sweep the broom from the opposite side, there will be the risk of extermination.

Clean up falls instantly:

If the water or any other thing spill on the floor, wipe it instantly with dry cloth or mop. Try not to fall any liquid or water, fall on the floor because these liquids can damage the upper-protective layer of the laminate flooring.

  1. Always use a dry cloth to soak up the excess liquid or water.
  2. Never let any area wet because, after some time, the surface will absorb the liquid and become a reason for damage.
  3. Do not use the wet mop daily but add any approved cleaning product in it for effective use.
  4. Some people use phenyl but do not even use it directly.

For more cleaning power you can use the vinegar or a mild detergent:

Some many commercial detergents and liquids are come only to clean the laminate flooring. You can use them but make sure that you are strictly following the quantity of usage.

  1. Keep away the laminate flooring from pine-scented products because they can make the shiny surface into dull one so avoid them.
  2. Take a bucket with half of the hot water in it; add few drops of vinegar in it. Drip the mop in it and then wipe the entire surface. It is one of the easy and most effective ways to clean the lamination flooring.
  • Maintenance:

The maintenance of laminate flooring is not tough but you need to follow the instructions only. Only use the products that the laminate material-friendly. Especially, be careful while selecting the flooring detergent because it will be used in routine cleaning. So, the chemical should be approved by the lamination company or recommended by the manufacturers. So, it is essential to use the products that are containing the low quantity of harmful chemicals. For more maintenance tips, let’s check out the maintenance tips that you can follow:

  1. Use doormats because they can keep the dirt outside and if you enter the room with less dust, it can be clean instantly. If you don’t use the doormats, the full dust will come with your shoes and make the floor so dirty and scratchy.
  2. Use the dry mop and vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning.
  3. Use the soft-bristle broom rather the regular one because the surface needs to be clean and shiny. The regular broom may give the scratch after rubbing the surface.
  4. You can attach the soft brush that you can join with the vacuum cleaner for collecting the tiny particles from the corners and small places of the room.
  5. For shiny surface use hot water and drip a few drops of dishwashing detergent. Dip down the mop in it and then clean the floor with it.

Moreover, the maintenance of laminate flooring is not tough and the manufacturers also recommend cleaning products for such flooring. Make sure that you are not using the heavy chemical products for cleaning. Any chemical can lessen the life of laminate flooring but also will make it dull.

Bottom line:

Lamination flooring is the best solution for home improvement. It will give the cheap and long-lasting flooring. The cleaning and maintenance of lamination flooring are also easy. There are few restrictions that individual should follow. The direct water and wet things can damage the flooring because it is made of wood material that combines with other stuff. So, keep it clean and especially dust free.

In short, you can use the detergent that made of light chemical or just use the hot water and add some drops of vinegar in it. Dip the mop and wipe the entire floor with this solution. It has two benefits; this solution will keep the shiny surface-active and also clean the floor evenly. If you want to do any DIY, consult any expert before implementation.

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